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Circular Fashion: A step beyond sustainability

I am often asked by others in the industry “Wouldn’t it be easier to use “normal” fabrics”

“Normal” as in poly-blend and toxic dye fabrics that are widely accessible, and sold in unnecessarily large quantities.

My answer is always a firm “No.”

The long term effects of waste created by synthetic fabrics, toxic dyes, and industrialization as a result of mass production, are extremely costly.

The negative environmental and social impacts of such waste cannot be reversed.

That’s why, at Kaylia, we are patient in our garment development process. Using naturally sourced fabrics, making the transition to natural dyes, and utilizing skilled workers around the globe to develop a lasting product.

This is how we take sustainable fashion a step further, into Circular Fashion.

To practice Circular Fashion is to create garments which are born from nature and can go right back into it, with as little environmental impact as possible.

We are applying the circle of life to the lifecycles of our clothing. The use of non-toxic, biodegradable elements created through innovative processes makes Circular Fashion possible. Garments are high quality and have extended lifetime. Should anything ever be discarded, or “wasted”, we can sleep at night knowing we have done our best to lessen harsh environmental effects.

The concept of Circular Fashion comes from sustainable textile communities of Tamilnadu India. The region features a large garment industry, which has become aware of their social and environment impact.

As such, members of the garment industry have begun to do their part in changing the world for the better, by making natural fiber textiles and natural dyes more accessible, and introducing the concept of Circular Fashion, just the beginning of a truly revolutionary transformation of the fashion industry.


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