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This silk scarf is the premier piece in our featured artists collection. Made of responsibly sourced silk; woven, printed, and hand-hemmed in italy. This scarf tells the enchanting story of makers; from artists, to designers, and master silk craftsmen. 


There are only 20 pieces ever made, check your scarf to discover its number. 


Hang this scarf as an artwork in your home, wear it as a head scarf, use it as a handbag accessory, or tie it into an elegant backless top. 


Whatever your choice of accentuation, we are thrilled that you are now a part of its story too. 

Jardin Tuileries

  • Dimensions: 90cm x 90cm (may vary slightly due to hand hemming)

    Fabric: 100% Silk Twill

    French hand-hemmed border 

    Artwork by Gisele Nunes Luiz 

  • The artwork on this scarf is an original watercolor by Gisele Nunes Luiz, a Brazilian artist based in Paris, France. Gisele interpreted Kaylia's love for Jardin Tuileries in this piece. 

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