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Bottega Kaylia

Bottega means "studio" in Italian, it refers to the place of an artist in which junior artists come to learn and to appreciate the art that is practiced.

Bottega Kaylia is located in Biella, Italy, in the land of wool and cashmere.  The structure of Bottega Kaylia is a 200 year old villa previously occupied by the founders of one of the most illustrious textile houses “lanificio" in Biella.

It is a place where the story of the artisanship of wool, cashmere, silk and bespoke tailoring will be kept alive. Where the art of Savoir Faire and fatto a mano will be taught and sustained.

The World’s Finest Fabrics

Ensuring quality through innovative, sustainable textile



A Global Treasure

Cashmere goats offer a naturally biodegradable, lightweight, and coveted fiber. We source fine cashmere from renowned specialists around the globe to produce fine cashmere garments.


The Fundamental Fiber

Wool is fundamental to garments curated by the Kaylia Group. Raw wool fibers are sourced meticulously to be blended with various other fine fibers for innovative blended wool textiles which allow us to create a range of high quality garments.


Peace Silk

The process of obtaining silk from the silkworm is a delicate one. The Kaylia Group is dedicated to utilizing Indian ‘peace silk’, made of gently obtained silk fibers, that allow for the longevity of the silkworm.

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