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Sustainability. Innovation. Wellness

Welcome to the new normal

We are scientists and designers.

Shannen launched her business after a living in India for a few months as an intern for a textile organization. She realized the negative impact of the garment industry on the well-being of individuals and the environment.

She created a sustainable fashion brand to reverse that impact.

In her journey she also saw that there was a lack of representation of POC in sustainable fashion.

At Kaylia we consider ourselves a wellness brand because we are researchers; we evaluate the impact of the synthetic materials of clothing and accessory items on our overall health.

We are therefore committed to 100% natural fiber garment and accessory production, with as little harmful chemical treatment as possible. 

We firmly believe that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies. So, we uniquely position ourselves in the luxury market as a sustainable luxury and wellness brand. We do the research, know the hard facts, and provide a progressive luxury product, that works actively toward solutions. 

Our research has shown that, sustainable textiles are financially costly to produce. We are working toward developing sustainable textiles which are cost-effective and accessible because sustainable fashion is the new normal. 

We strive to educate our community, showing POC that they have strong purchasing power, and if we work together we can implement change into any industry; lets start with fashion, a sector POC know and love.

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