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Founder’s Message

Shannen Kaylia

As a young girl, I attended high school in the countryside of Virginia and later attended college surrounded by the beauty of Northern California & The Napa Valley. My love for travel also took me to some of the most naturally beautiful places on earth.

While in college, as a Biology major, I immersed myself in science courses and research.. At the same time, my love of design led me to participate annually in our college fashion shows. Giving in to an interest that began with the influence of my mother's love for high luxury clothes and shoes. 

Spending time in India as a post-graduate intern, I realized my impact as a consumer on physical and social environments. I was confronted with the harmful effects of mass production and consumerism, which inspired the creation of Kaylia. Kaylia is a space where my love for design co-exists with my training and passion for bioscience.

Kaylia was founded on the premise of creating luxury garments, with a mission to do so in the most sustainable way while showcasing the art of craftsmanship and innovative processes. 

My studio “Bottega Kaylia”  has been established in the Northern Italian city of Biella. Here, we collaborate with young artists, innovators, and legendary Lanificios . Together, utilizing the luxurious natural fibers of wool, cashmere and silk along with innovative plant-based fibers, the designs that imbue my imagination come to life.

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